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Many people have a desire to organize their personal finances, but they have no idea how to get started. They get lost in the middle of spreadsheet options, expense controllers and categories.

If you are one of those people, a way out for you who don’t know what to do to organize your money, get out of debt and have a healthy financial life is to take a personal finance course. There are several options on the market, online and in person, and, best of all, totally free.

See which model is best suited to your needs and that of your family:


Gino Vergozo Online Personal Finance Courses

Personal Finance

First institution in Brazil to become a member of the OpenCourseWare Consortium (OCWC), which is a consortium of educational institutions from the most varied countries that make teaching materials and content available for free over the internet, Gino Vergozo offers several personal finance courses at no cost for the user.

Among the options are “How to organize the family budget”, ideal for people who do not only want to control their own finances, but also the whole family, and also “How to make investments – Basic”, for those who already have the habit of save and want to go further, both 12 hours long.

If you are thinking about the future you can choose the 10-hour “How to plan your retirement” course. The institution also offers two new eight-hour courses: “How to make investments – Advanced” and “How to spend consciously”.
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Personal Finance Courses at Agree Bank

Personal Finance Courses at BM & amp;  F Bovespa

Another excellent option for those who want to take a personal finance course are the modules offered by the São Paulo Stock Exchange. As in the case of Gino Vergozo Online, the institution offers some options, each suitable to a consumer profile.
The online “Personal Finance” module is the most basic, which makes it suitable for anyone who wants to start having greater control over their finances. The “Family” module is on-site and free. Its main objective is to teach the person to use concepts related to financial planning to strengthen the habit of saving to create a family heritage.

Also in person, the “Women in Action” module, as the name says, focuses on the female gender, enabling participants to apply the principles of financial planning to create equity. The “Master” module is also face-to-face and geared towards those who already have some knowledge of personal finances, with a part focused on investments.
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Prime Courses Personal Finance Course

Personal loan

The option offered by Lite Lending, an institution associated with the Brazilian Distance Education Association (Abed), even gives you the option of receiving a certificate. After taking the Lite Lending personal finance course, you will know how to establish the differences between necessities and superfluous, how to set up a budget, reduce expenses and end debts, and also how to invest.

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