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Our teeth are our flagship. If they are well-kept and in good condition, we make a much friendlier impression on our counterpart than if we only pay moderate attention to our teeth. Therefore, many people attach great importance to having beautifully straight and well-groomed teeth.

In many cases, however, this can only be achieved if you not only visit the dentist regularly, but also have larger jobs carried out here and there. However, since in many cases these are only partially paid for by the health insurance company, it may well be that after the “refurbishment” a proper dentist bill is still waiting for the patient. Several thousand USD can be called up, which not everyone has available in cash. A credit for the dentist’s bill is needed to be able to pay the doctor for his services.

Why doesn’t the cash register pay?

Why doesn

The statutory health insurance companies in our beautiful country have written on the agenda to only provide basic care in the area of ​​tooth restoration. So if you need new teeth or want to have other beautifying measures carried out on the bit, you either have to choose a simple bit or pay the difference to basic care out of your own pocket.

If you choose the latter, it is always good to get offers from several dentists in advance. On the one hand, to be able to clarify exactly which measures are really necessary and, on the other hand, to avoid falling into the cost trap. Each dentist can make his own prices for additional care. If you get several offers here, you can save a lot.

What are the options for a dentist loan loan?

What are the options for a dentist loan loan?

In principle, there are two different points of contact that can help with a loan for the dentist’s bill. On the one hand, there is the dentist himself, who in many cases no longer only repairs teeth, but also offers financing for his work.

As a rule, exactly one financing offer is available. This sometimes comes without interest, only has a small processing fee and can be used directly. A major disadvantage, however, is that no selection can take place and that the dentist urges a very quick repayment. Usually, dentists grant their patients no more than six months for repayment. If you have a large dentist bill to settle, it may be that the time is too short.

On the other hand are the countless banks and savings banks in our country that are happy to offer their help in the area of ​​financing. They have a traditional installment loan ready, which can also be used as a loan for the dentist’s bill.

A positive is the fact that the best offer is selected from many loan offers with the help of a comparison. In addition, the loan amount and the term can be freely determined. What is less positive, on the other hand, is that you do not immediately know whether the loan will be approved because the banks always first check the creditworthiness of the borrower.

We recommend that you use the loan amount to decide which way is the best. Smaller sums can be financed through the dentist. For the large sums, we recommend taking out an installment loan through the bank.

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