Guide to Government Agency loans for Car Purchase

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Are you planning to buy the car but don’t have the necessary liquidity? If you find yourself in this situation, the way to go is to use dedicated credit lines. However, not all loans provide affordable rates and generally conditions able to fully respond to your requests. Public employees and pensioners have an ace up their sleeves: Government Agency loans for car purchase 2017. Here’s how they work.

Loans for car purchase: which one to choose

Loans for car purchase: which one to choose

What are they, what do they offer and how can I apply for Government Agency loans for car purchases? They are products supplied by Social Institute, given that Government Agency is no longer active, characterized by favorable rates. The contractual elements are different depending on the financing, in common Government Agency loans for car purchase 2017 have the public of the beneficiaries.

These are products designed to answer the questions of public employees and pensioners related to the unitary management of credit and social benefits. However, the applicant must keep in mind that the requirements vary significantly.

The small loan ex Government Agency Social Institute

The Small Public Management Loan is a loan granted by Social Institute, designed to meet any need of the beneficiary as long as it is of limited economic size. We are therefore not talking about a loan specifically designed for the purchase of the car but it can also be used for this purpose. Thanks to its flexibility of use.

What are the requirements to consider? It is a product tailored to the needs of employees and retirees enrolled in the Unitary Management of credit and social benefits. Those who are hired on fixed-term contracts can obtain funding only for the years in which the contract is active.

Small loan rates

Small loan rates

Who chooses this product at what interest rates are they facing? Social Institute has thought of a nominal annual rate of 4.25%. Clearly, the holder of the loan will also have to weigh the costs chapter.

Which ones are they? There is a contribution for administration costs which accounts for 0.50%. The risk provision premium must also be taken into consideration. In addition to the rate, the employee or pensioner cannot neglect the duration factor: 12, 24, 36 or 48 months. What is the amount that the public worker can receive?

The sum ranges from a basic threshold of once the salary or pension up to a limit amount equal to eight times the monthly allowance.

What the Government Agency – Multi-year Loans offer

What the Government Agency - Multi-year Loans offer

Another option that falls within the scope of the Government Agency loan offers for car purchase is represented by Multi-year direct loans for public management.

Again we are dealing with credit lines granted by Social Institute. The repayment process is based on the assignment of the fifth. From a practical point of view what are the implications? The installment is automatically subtracted from the salary or pension and cannot exceed 20% of the monthly credit. A feature that makes the repayment plan simple and immediate.

In spite of the small loan, the direct multi-year is available only for requests that respect the purposes indicated in the Social Institute regulation. What are the admitted questions? They range from the purchase of the first house to the expenses for the wedding.

Analyzing the permitted purposes, we find ” Purchase of a car for the member ” (maximum amount 20 thousand USD) as well as “Purchase of a modified car, an orthopedic wheelchair for the disabled and high-cost prostheses”.

For this reason we can make it part of the Government Agency loans for car purchase. The duration is longer than the previous loan. The alternatives are two, five or ten years (60 or 120 monthly installments). For the car purchase, however, the duration is five years.

Another key element is the interest rate. This is competitive, the installment is calculated in relation to 3.50%, however how the Small loan is to analyze the costs (administrative and risk fund premium).

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