Hygienization and data enrichment to sell more payday loans

In any market sector, much is said about finding the right formula to sell more. However, sometimes it is not necessary to perform magic to achieve better results. And when we talk about the sale of payday loans, the premise is the same. Want an example? Hygiene and data enrichment are possibilities to go much further in prospecting customers.

Do you want to know how the care with updating your base can help you sell more and better in this specific segment? Check it out below!

Defining concepts: what is data hygiene and enrichment?

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Before talking about the benefits of a rich and detailed database, it is important to make it clear why its hygiene and enrichment directly affect the results.

Hygienization of the database

The cleaning of the base has the objective of cleaning any and all duplicate information, as well as organizing the mailing and, therefore, it is essential to make the data more reliable and to have a more genuine source.

In practice, it happens as follows: if the file with name, telephone number, address and other information is missing a registration standard, as well as incomplete, the sanitization performs queries in databases to complete or clean any disparity of content.

It is also possible to select the field that you want to clean data, addresses, contact options, telephones or others.

Among the steps of this procedure are:

  • Analysis and elimination of data that is duplicated;
  • Separation of information by categories to facilitate filtering;
  • Validation of telephone numbers to confirm that they are registered in the correct number of characters;
  • And correction of incomplete words or typos.

Sanitization for the payday loan segment

When it comes to payday loans it is important to understand that it is a differentiated and very specific niche. In addition to the payment method, which is directly discounted from the retirement or pension benefit, or from the salary of civil servants, it is necessary to understand who exactly the target audience is, to interact in the best way when offering credit.

Recently, the Ministry of Labor announced something very important for CLT workers who wish to acquire payday loans: it can be done for the category, as long as they have a balance in the Guarantee Fund (FGTS).

Therefore, having the correct and updated data allows for a more assertive prospecting. After all, the richer your base, the more content will be available for interaction with the prospective customer.

In addition, having a complete database also helps in locating in cases of default. A large amount of information is worthless if it is out of date. Therefore, periodic care is essential to optimize your results.

Database enrichment

If hygiene promotes cleaning of the base, enrichment comes to complement the work and make it even more advantageous when prospecting for the sale of payday loans. He is responsible for updating information, bringing data supplements that are incomplete or out of date, as well as incorrect.

Therefore, hygiene and data enrichment are complementary actions, allowing a more reliable, complete and updated base.

Essential care to achieve good results

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Now that you know how important it is to have an updated, sanitized and enriched database, see other factors that can contribute even more to the success of your company and your sales team.

  1. Focus on potential customers: if, when making the offer, the customer is not prepared to hear the proposal or need to think about the possibility of payday loans, give him that space. In addition to wasting time, you can create discomfort and irritation in those on the other end of the line.
  2. Have prepared employees: a good database is only effective when the team knows how to act and interact with each contact. Therefore, offer training so that they know how to use the database in the best way and gaining good results.
  3. Use technology to your advantage: services and tools are available to optimize results. Among the options is Base Certa, which in addition to improving the registration base, enriching and sanitizing, also offers SMS services, which helps you to communicate with your contacts effectively.

From theory to practice: know the success story!

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